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Our Marketing Team provides authors with world class, global marketing that will increase your book’s exposure. With your help and knowledge of the industry, we can further ensure that your book reaches audiences with the most interest and highest potential. We welcome and encourage your participation in marketing the book, whether it is taking book flyers to meetings where you will be in attendance to feeding us sales leads we can forward to our experienced sales teams. Together, our coordinated marketing efforts will make your book a great success.

Below you will find some resources inside and outside of Asset Protection Publishing that will enable you to work together with us to successfully market your book.

Library Recommendation
If you are affiliated with an academic, government, or corporate institution that has a library, why not download our library recommendation form to send to your library?

Amazon Author Central
Do you have a blog? Sign up for Amazon Author Central in It is a special program with which you can create and maintain a blog on Your blog is given prime placement on your book page on You can write author comments or encourage peers to write reviews on your book. At Author Central, you have the opportunity to share the most up-to-date information about yourself and your work with your readers — you can view and edit your bibliography, add a photo and biography to a personal profile, upload missing book cover images, and use a blog to connect with readers. You can view discussions people are having about your book. You could even ask if anyone has any questions for you as the author!