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XXX and BBBB have written an excellent and timely treatise on the latest in asset protection strategies and plans. While there are parts that are fairly technical, the book is written in such a way that even a beginner in the field can understand the material. There is also enough new and cutting-edge information here to engage a seasoned professional as well. As a lawyer with a deep interest in asset protection, I find the book to be well-researched, well-reasoned, and interesting.

This book explains complex asset protection strategies and tax and estate planning in easy to understand language for everyone from small business owner to multi millionaire investors, doctors or attorneys. Well researched and well written with detailed footnotes / appendix and case law, even broken down by state and juristiction. wow. Having read several books on asset protection, I can say, If you were only going to buy one asset protection book, this is it, hands down. Also timely and up to date.

I am involved in asset protection implementation everyday and I find this book genius in it timeliness, clarity and level of research. It certainly dispels the myths and urban legends as it shows what clearly works, what doesn’t, why and when to implement certain methods. This is, no doubt, the most cutting edge book on asset protection I have ever read. This is the current text book of asset protection. Is there another asset protection book out there with 440 citations of court cases and laws? When you are finished reading this book there will be no wool pulled over your eyes.

Mark Kohler has done a great job outlining Asset Protection strategies that are truthful in what they can achieve – and demonstrated how many deceptive strategies unscrupulous lawyers will try to sell to people. His outline starts off with the myths of asset protection
• The goals of asset protection and why it is needed
• Repeatedly backs up his statement `there is no silver-bullet’ approach
• Outlines the myths surrounding Nevada Corporations
• Discusses land trusts, off-shore accounts and partnerships
He then discusses what does work for asset protection in a battlefield themed approach –
• The multiple barrier approach
• Choosing your team of advisors
• Strategies for protection
• O.J. Simpson’s model of asset protection (not that he advocates the person, but his strategies to protect his assets is uncanny)
• What you must do if you own a business or rental property with regards to deciding the property structure, protecting the corporate veil, carrying insurance, etc.
• Additional strategies that put up further barricades to your fortress (battlefield theme)
• And finally how to fortify your castle with trusts, if applicable for your situation
His `true story’ scenarios outlined throughout the chapters make you realize the reason why he felt compelled to write this book.

A person who reads this book is much less likely to fall for an asset protection scam than one who doesn’t. One of the principal lessons of this book is that there is no “silver bullet” solution to all asset protection problems. Instead, what works or does not work for asset protection depends on the particular circumstances of each client. Specifically exposed by this book are asset protection scams involving Nevada corporations, land trusts, bogus offshore planning, and hinky marital planning. The book also discusses basic planning techniques known to work such as exemption planning, and how one should begin assembling a team of planners to cover every aspect of their needs. This is an easy read: I read it from cover to cover on a flight from Dallas to the West Coast. Recommended.

I thought the book provided a wonderful asset protection review for any consumer. The beauty of the book, in my mind, is its ability to simplify complex topics in a manner that is reader friendly – i.e. it keeps a reader engaged, whereas other legal reads often create an instant disconnect with the non-legal community. I look forward to the next book on tax strategies and I compliment the author in leading a campaign to educate consumers on prevalent scams.

This is a must read for any entreprenuer or Real Estate investor. Setting up your business entity the correct way will pay huge dividends over the long haul. He tells it like it is and debunks all the myths and scams that continue to haunt the lives of many. Keep it by your desk for easy reference on issues of high importance.

I am a higher education lawyer who has learned this the hard way: Lawyers should never be afraid to say what they do NOT know, and they should not be ashamed to learn from other lawyers. Even though I know a lot about risk management in the post-secondary world, I knew less than a lot about asset protection itself – until I read Mark’s book. Other lawyers would do well to get off their professional high-horse (driven by secret professional and sometimes personal insecurity), get past the (yes, too numerous) typos and grammatical errors, and the (yes, too gratuitous) title of this book…and learn some great things for their clients and for themselves.

It was so refreshing to read such honest, clear information about protecting my assets. Mark Kohler helped me not only understand what I needed to do, but also gave me the confidence that I could do it! I was one of those that got scared into buying a “Bullet proof Nevada Corp” from one of those seminar companies. It was only after I spent thousands of dollars did I realize that I had wasted all my money. That event made me fearful to do anything again, especially with another “lying attorney!”

Mark Kohler has written an excellent introduction to Asset Protection for regular people and small business owners. This book gives a good understanding of when asset protection is necessary, and walks you through the basic methods, starting with the simplest that people can do themselves… and working up to more complex strategies that are needed by a relatively few number of people.
He lays out his multiple barrier approach which puts up sequential lines of defense up against potential creditors, and makes a strong case for using such a system.

The author managed to turn a dry subject into an interesting discussion of asset protection. There is a wealth of knowldege in this book that is actually usable and logical. The author uses actual examples of why things work and don’t work and offers methods to build up your asset protection defenses. He isn’t selling anything (besides the book) so it isn’t a sales pitch for his “special” system. As far as Asset protection books, this one is a standout and definitely under priced for the content provided. Very well written.


Northcott introduces his topic by reminding targeted readers that they’ve worked hard for many years and have achieved a measure of success. Making that money was difficult – now they have to create a strategy to keep it because they’re on the radar with pending lawsuits (80,000+/day) from other businesses, partners, employees, government, relatives, neighbors, and other parties.

“Asset Protection” then tells readers about irrevocable living trusts, creating and maintaining LLCs, equity-stripping techniques, durable powers of attorney, estate planning, and wills. The trick, says Northcott, is to own nothing directly, but control it all legally.

The material is presented logically and clearly, though it often resembles a 270+ page commercial for various attorneys and others in the business of helping clients protect assets. Further, it is not a detailed ‘do-it-yourself’ book – if that is even possible. Nonetheless, “Asset Protection” provides a good framework for those with assets needing more than basic insurance and homestead exemption protections. It is best read now, rather than later when facing imminent disaster; however, examples are provided where even last-minute assistance has been useful.

This is one book that I will keep close at hand over the next several years. Finally someone has put together the critical components of financial growth and asset protection. I particularly liked the focus on assessment, strategy and tactics. Excellent publication for the financial advisor and personal investor alike.

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