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Welcome to my which is published by the law firm of …………. This website supports the all-time best-selling book on the subject, “Proteccion de patrimonio” which is published by Asset Protection Publishing.

A great deal of information about asset protection planning is freely available over the internet. Most of it is simply wrong.

Similarly, numerous “asset protection gurus” tour the countryside touting various “bulletproof” schemes and strategies for debtors in distress, but their advice is usually about as likely to make things worse as to actually provide anything like real protection.

By contrast, the purpose of this website is twofold:

First, to debunk wrong or unrealistic information about asset protection planning.

Second, to provide a collection of articles and original source materials — such as the actual statutes and court opinions — for the use of other attorneys in advising their clients on these subjects.

Along the way, we hope to give insights as to what methods and legal positions can be effective for debtors, without getting them into further hot water.

More in this page:

General Discussion Forum
A general discussion of asset protection and creditor-debtor law as it relates to debtor planning

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
A list of the most frequently asked questions regarding asset protection and related planning. This is a good place for a newbie to begin gaining knowledge about asset protection planning.

Book Chapter References
Additional support and references for the book.

Lexicon of Asset Protection
A collection of terms sometimes used in asset protection planning.

Asset Protection Scams
A description of fraudulent or misleading marketing schemes or mis-used strategies in asset protection planning.

Bogus Asset Protection Accreditations and Credentials

Family Limited Partnerships Misused

Specific Profession or Industry Concerns
Discusses asset protection issues and needs of those in particular professions or industries.

Fraudulent Conversions
Discussion of the wrongful conversions of non-exempt assets into exempt assets in defraud of creditors.


Spendthrift Trusts
Discussion of the spendthrift protection for trusts and its effectiveness against the creditors of a beneficiary.

Foreign Asset Protection Trusts
Offshore Trusts
Discussion of self-settled spendthrift trusts formed in a domicile outside of the United States, which trusts are known as “Foreign Asset Protection Trusts” or simply “Offshore Trusts”

Domestic Asset Protection Trusts
Discussion of self-settled spendthrift trusts form in a U.S. state having laws that recognize such trusts, also known as “Domestic Asset Protection Trusts”


Charging Order Protection
Discussion of charging order protection for partnerships and limited liability companies

Alter Ego and Veil Piercing
Discussion of alter ego theory and other theories for piercing the corporate veil


Fraudulent Transfers
Discussion of transfers made in defraud of creditors and the Uniform Fraudulent Transfers Act (UFTA)

Equity Stripping
Discussion of the removal of equity from an asset by borrowing against the asset


Bankruptcy Generally
Discussion of various issues in bankruptcy planning and litigation as it relates to asset protection planning.

Involuntary Bankruptcy
What it takes for creditors to successfully file an involuntary bankruptcy petition for a debtor.


Ethical Issues for Asset Protection Attorneys
This considers the professional ethical issues for attorneys practicing in the area of asset protection as it relates to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct or other ethical canons.

Asset Protection Against Taxes
The special issues involved in planning that has as its purpose to defeat the collection of tax liabilities

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