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Otros libros 2

If you have a substantial net worth and live in the U.S., you are at risk for being sued by opportunistic lawyers working on a contingency fee for a predatory plaintiff. If just one lawsuit results in sympathy damages in excess of your insurance, you could be wiped out, your family assets could be lost, your employees could be out of work and your legitimate creditors won’t be paid. You could also lose your assets because of the growing problem of civil forfeitures in the U.S.. That’s why you need a nest egg of assets outside the U.S. or Canada.

Global Asset Protection is a series of online research reports that provide guidance on how to effectively protect your wealth from legal predators and how to avoid being taken by an asset protection promoter or lawyer who doesn’t really know what he is doing. We are not selling legal services or an asset protection package of any kind. We only sell unbiased insights through our online research reports and seven years of article archives. The Global Asset Protection reports provide objective guidance about complex and controversial subjects like …

Foreign asset protection trusts
Foreign corporations & IBCs

Foreign limited liability companies
Foreign life insurance & annuities

Foreign scams and schemes
Foreign asset and tax havens

Fraudulent transfer laws
Low cost domestic protection

Foreign trust protector services
Related tax and other laws

We also provide extensive information about domestic methods of asset protection such as

Pitfalls of living trusts

Family limited partnerships
Life insurance & annuities

Asset protection scams and schemes
Titling of assets

Fraudulent transfer laws
Bankruptcy and creditor rights

Asset protection with charitable trusts
Related tax and other laws

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