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Freedom, Asset Protection & You

Bill Comer is a Certified Paralegal, the author of a massive reference work on asset protection and related topics and an editorial advisor to our Global Asset Protection Reports. His asset protection manual is called Freedom, Asset Protection & You and it’s a huge reference work on the subject. It’s our opinion that Bill is brutally candid and objective in his analysis of many dubious and dangerous asset protection schemes. His two chapters on Defective Domestic Trusts and Defective Foreign Trusts are well worth the price of the book. But these chapters are only a small part of this huge reference on asset protection.
Here are the subjects covered in Freedom, Asset Protection & You.

1. Washington – A Bureaucratic Monster Gone Mad
2. Political Parasites – Primary Recipients of the Wealth Redistribution Process
3. Imperial Regulators – Destroyers of a Productive Society
4. Social In-security – The Insurance Program That Isn’t
5. Institutional Ill-Liquidity – and the Federal Reserve Deposit Insurance Hoax
6. Insolvent Insurers – The Domino Effect
7. Understanding Inflation – The Cause and The Effect
8. The High Cost of Dying – Failing to Plan is Planning To Fail
9. Probate – Legalized Exploitation of the Helpless
10. Wills, Life Insurance & Joint Ownership – Do They Really Help?
11. Beware of Third Party Controls – Gold Mines for Attorneys and Bankers
12. Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts – The Conspiracy To Redistribute Your Wealth
14. Money Laundering & Currency Restructuring – George Orwell’s 1984 is Here.
15. The Litigation Explosion – Redistributing Your Money To The Trial Lawyers
16. CERCLA is Contagious – The EPA – A Law Unto Itself
17. The Medicaid Trap – Confiscation of The Widow’s Mite
18. Judicial Tyranny – Demagogues in Action
19. Defective Domestic Trusts – Some Trusts Can’t Be Trusted
20. Defective Foreign Trusts – BTOs and UBOs – The Scam of the Century
21. Warnings From The Sages of Our Times – Losing our Economic and Political Freedom
22. Our Founding Fathers – Economic Wisdom and a Warning From The Dust of History
23. Corporations and Partnerships – Their Advantages and Disadvantages
24. Discharging Taxes in Bankruptcy – Gross Deception By The IRS
25. Fraudulent Conveyances – Violations Can Result in Civil and Criminal Penalties
26. Tenancy by the Entireties – The Poor Couples’ Asset Protection
27. Historical and Beneficial Uses of Foreign Trusts – 200 Years of Private Financial Protection For The Super-Rich
28. There Are Trusts For Everyone – A Beginners Guide To The Confusing World of Trusts
29. Tax Exempt Foundations – Charitable Trusts and Private Foundations
30. Family Limited Partnerships – 100 Years of Recognized Asset Protection

Chapters Contributed By Guest Authors:
13. Surviving The New Money – by Rep. Ron Paul
31. The International Asset Protection Trust – by Jeffrey M. Verdon
32. Foreign Banks – by Adrian Day
33. P.T. – Permanent Traveler, Perennial Tourist! – by Harry Schultz
34. Private Inflation Hedges – by Edward C. Lee
This is a huge (463 pages, 8.5″ x 11″, single spaced) encyclopedia on asset protection.

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