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International Note

Important Note
The reason we talk about Average, Affl uent, or Super Affl uent
Americans has nothing to do with inherent differences in Americans’
approach to achieving fi nancial success. Many of the philosophies in
this book are universal and could be applied in any city, state, province,
or country. In fact, many of these lessons have been passed
down within Wealthy Families and empires for thousands of years.
However, many of the practical tips in the areas of asset protection
and tax and estate planning are based on the laws of the United
States that will apply to anyone living in this country. So, if you are
not an American citizen but you live in the United States, this book
should be very helpful. If you are not an American citizen and you
live outside the United States, the strategies in this book should help
you, too, but you should work with local advisors to make sure the
practical lessons apply in your country.

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