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Glossary Trump

Part I. Tax Secrets Of The Wealthy.

Chapter One. Why Making Money is Not Enough: The Closely Guarded Secret of the Wealthy.

Why Making Money is NOT Enough.

The Government Sponsored Attack on Wealth.

Tax Reduction: Legal Ways to Downsize Uncle Sam.

Escaping Lawsuit Hell.

Estate Planning: Avoiding the “Wealth Death Penalty”.

Retirement Planning: Unlocking Einstein’s Most Powerful Force on Earth.

Asset-Sheltering Legal Entities of the Rich.

Chapter Two. Cracking the Tax Code: How Understanding Different Types of Taxes, Income, and Taxpayers Can Significantly Reduce and Even Eliminate Taxes.

Types of Taxes: Understanding What Youâ ™re Up Against.

Types of Income: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You.

Different Types of Income: Mean Different Taxes!

Types of Taxpayers: Making Change(s) Means Making Money.

Chapter Three. Outrageously Powerful Tax Deductions You Can Take–Without Owning Your Own Business.

Above the Line Deductions.

Itemized Deductions.

Phenomenal Philanthropy Strategy.

Tax Credits: Dollar for Dollar Deductions.

Other Personal Tax Planning Strategies.

Chapter Four. The Greatest Tax Shelter In the World: Owning Your Own Business.

Having Your Cake And Eating It Too With Tax-Free Fringe Benefits.

Retirement Plan Power.

Minor Deductions Mean Major Savings.

Income Shifting for Tax Savings.

Real Estate Riches.

Paying Zero Percent Capital Gains.

The Secret of Cost Segregation.

Let’s Get Fiscal.

Planning Ahead For Year-End Planning.

Section 179 Depreciation “Magic”.

Part II. Lawsuit Protection Secrets of the Wealthy.

Chapter Five. What Are the Odds of Your Being Sued?

Who Is Zeroing In On Your Wealth?

Could Your Assets Really Be In Someone’s Sights?

Are You Allowing Yourself To Be A Target?

How Open To Attack Are You?

What A Exemptions And How Can They Help Guard Your Assets?

If They Can’t Find It, They Can’t Take It!

Feeling Lucky Plaintiff? Well Are Ya?

Chapter Six. Business Entities That Will Legally Keep Your Assets Invisible, Untouchable And Out Of Reach.

What On Earth Is A “Business Entity”?

Which Entity Is The “Best?”

Sole Proprietorships- A Plaintiff’s Best Friend, Your Worst Enemy!

Partnerships- Dealin’ With The Devil!

Corporations- Protect Yourself With The Big Boys’ Toys.

Control Your Business Taxation with “S Corporations”.

With Limited Partnerships You Can Be In Control!

Solving The General Partner Conundrum.

Limited Liability Companies- There’s A New Kid In Town.

Exemptions- Let Uncle Sam Protect Your Assets For You!

If You’re Going To Be Liable, Let Someone Else Pay For It.

Putting The Entity Puzzle Together.

Chapter Seven. Creating a Legal M.E.S.S. (Multiple Entity Structuring Strategy): An Extreme Makeover For Your Assets.

Is Your Home Safe At The B.A.S.E. Level?

Truly Turn Your Home Into A Castle

Our Financial Shelter Is Our Tax Shelter!

Down Home!!

Using Debt To Your Advantage.

Never Put All Your Eggs Into One Basket.

First B.A.S.E.- Keep Real Estate Separate!

Second B.A.S.E.- Protect Your 21st Century Goldmine.

Third B.A.S.E.- Separate Your Trade From The Tools Of The Trade.

Home B.A.S.E.- Separate The Money-Making Assets From Money Losers.

Charging Orders.

Limiting Charging Orders With Limited Partnerships.

Charging Orders And Limited Liability Companies.

Charging Orders And Corporations.

Own Nothing, But Control Everything.

Chapter Eight. How The Rich Avoid Mines That Can Pierce Your Armor.

The Corporate Wealth “Maintenance” Plan.

Piercing the Corporate Veil.

Fraudulent Transfers-Don’t Commit FRAUD!

Insurance Is A Last Resort!

When You Need It, It’s Already Too Late!

Part III. Estate & Retirement Planning Secrets Of The Wealthy.

Chapter Nine. Estate Plan of the Rich: How to Overcome the Government’s Efforts to Redistribute Your Family’s Wealth With The Estate Planning Process.

Your Money, Your Choice.

Estate Planning: The Answers Are In The Questions .

The Pitfalls of Not Having A Plan.

Footsteps To Follow: The Estate Planning Process.

Step 1: Documentation.

Step 2: Analysis.

Step 3: Formulation.

Step 4: Implementation.

Step 5: Review and Revision.

Chapter Ten. How the Rich TRUST Themselves to Keep Wealth in the Family and Away from the Government.

There’s Hell, and then there’s Probate!!

Save A Seat For The Tax Man At Your Funeral.

Tools of The Trade For Estate Planning.

You Will Go To Probate.

Life Insurance Lowdown.

It’s All A Matter of Trust.

The Indispensable Estate Planning Tool.

Phenomenal Philanthropy.

Gifting: This Is NOT Your Usual Present!

Other Vital Estate Planning Tools.

Some Final Thoughts On Estate Planning.

Chapter Eleven. What the Rich Know that Others Don’t About Getting (and Staying) Wealthy.

The Amazing Miracle of Compounding.

Don’t Tell Me, SHOW Me The Money.

I’ve Got It Covered!

You’re On Your Own!

Golden Years or Golden Arches.

It’s All Up To YOU!

Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail!!

Individual Retirement Accounts-Something For Everyone.

Qualified Plans-Safe And Sound.

Quasi-Qualified Plans.

Qualified Annuity Plan.

Tax-Deferred Annuity.

Nonqualified Plans-Proceed With Caution.

Begin Your Retirement Plan Today!

Chapter Twelve. What the Rich And Powerful Won’t Tell You About Retirement Plans.

Safeguarding Your Nest Egg.

Don’t Forget About The Tax Benefits!

What Can An IRA Own?

Breaking Out Of The Retirement Plan Trap.

The Best Kept Secret Of The Wealthy Revealed

Partnering Up With OPM (Other People’s Money).

Part IV. Applying The Secrets Of The Wealthy.

Chapter Thirteen. Asset Protection Planning in Action:How the Rich Put it All Together.

Chapter Fourteen. The Asset Protection Team: Counter-Attack Specialists that Handle the Dirty Work.

Your “Master Mind” Team.

Finding a Good Attorney.

Finding a Good Tax Advisor.

Chapter Fifteen. A Call To Action.

Part V. Asset Protection Resources Of The Rich.

List Of Deductions: Government Subsidies Traditionally Reserved For The Rich.

Checklists: Tips, Tactics and Strategies for Advanced Asset Protection.

Glossary: Terms that the Wealthy Know that You Must Learn.

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