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Glossary wealth secrets

Wealth Secrets of the Affluent: Keys to Fortune Building and Asset Protection
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The First Key. Understanding and Embracing Affluence.

Chapter 1. Who are the Affluent?

Chapter 2. Understanding the Average American.

Chapter 3. Unique Advice for the Affluent.

Chapter 4. The Affluent Don’t Want to Fit In.

The Second Key. Use Leverage to Achieve Affluent.

Chapter 5. The Basics of Leverage.

Chapter 6. Financial Leverage.

Chapter 7. Leveraging Effort.

Chapter 8. Leveraging Assets.

Chapter 9. Leveraging People.

The Third Key. Build the Right Team of Advisors.

Chapter 10. The Value of Advisors.

Chapter 11. Types of Advisors.

Chapter 12. Seven Mistakes to Avoid.

The Fourth Key. Protect Assets.

Chapter 13. The Importance of Asset Protection.

Chapter 14. The Sliding Scale of Asset Protection.

Chapter 15. Asset Protection Myths.

Chapter 16. The Mixed Blessing of Property and Casualty Insurance.

Chapter 17. Business Protection Often Ignored.

Chapter 18. Maximizing Exempt Assets

Chapter 19. Family Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies.

Chapter 20. Using Trusts to Shield Wealth.

Chapter 21. International Planning.

Chapter 22. Protecting Your Home.

Chapter 23. Divorce Protection.

Chapter 24. Using Captive Insurance Companies to Protect Businesses.

The Fifth Key. Always Consider Taxes.

Chapter 25. Uncle Sam’s Pieces of Your Pie.

Chapter 26. Use Retirement Plans.

Chapter 27. Borrowing Lower Tax Rates.

Chapter 28. Long Term Care Insurance.

Chapter 29. Charitable Planning.

Chapter 30. Educational Planning.

Chapter 31. Is your Tax Advisor Helping or Hurting You?

The Sixth Key. Preserve Your Estate.

Chapter 32. The Truth about the Estate Tax Repeal.

Chapter 33. Wills & Living Trusts.

Chapter 34. The A-B Living Trust.

Chapter 35. Joint Ownership & Disinheritance Risk.

Chapter 36. Estate Planning Life Insurance Policies.

Chapter 37. Family Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies.

Chapter 38. Avoiding the 70% Tax trap of pensions and IRAs.

Chapter 39. Protection From Rising Medical Costs.

Chapter 40. Charitable Estate Planning.

Seventh Key. Avoid Financial Disasters.

Chapter 41. Premature Death Of A Family Member.

Chapter 42. Premature Death of a Business Partner.

Chapter 43. Disability of a Breadwinner or Business Partner.

Chapter 44. Long Term Care Needs for Families.

Chapter 45. Running Out of Money in Retirement.

The Eighth Key. Invest Wisely.

Chapter 46. A Nobel Prize is not Enough.

Chapter 47. Taxes, Inflation & Your Investments.

Chapter 48. Outgrowing Mutual Funds.

Chapter 49. Alternative Investment Strategies.

The Ninth Key. Use the Secret Investments of the Affluent.

Chapter 50. Investment Efficiency.

Chapter 51. Real Estate Basics.

Chapter 52. Real Estate Leverage.

Chapter 53. Flexibility & Efficiency of Real Estate.

Chapter 54. Life insurance Basics.

Chapter 55. Life Insurance Leverage.

Chapter 56. Flexibility & Efficiency of Life Insurance.

Chapter 57. Proof That Life Insurance Outperforms Mutual Funds.

Chapter 58. Creative Applications Of Insurance.

Chapter 59. Leveraging The Ultimate Leverage Tool.

The Tenth Key. Plan For Success.


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