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Here you can find almost the entire catalogue of Online Legal business and legal titles, plus books from publisher partners, fully indexed and searchable. New titles will be added on a regular basis and are listed in order of date of upload. Use the subject search field to locate titles by title or author. Once you have navigated down to a given chapter, use to seach within a document.

The collection includes links to a number of titles by Online Legal authors, published by third party publishers. Some non-Online Legal titles are not currently available in full-text form on Online Legal so the entry for these titles just provides you with a link to the author profile and to the publisher’s website.


This include a curated collection of expert-generated material from Online Legal authors and other law, tax and business experts. This can include audio files, articles, case studies, slideshare, templates, tools, video and other appropriate content which we will quality check and subject tag, prior to publishing.

To help you filter authored content we have created some categories, including:

  • Background/theory represents material that is academic or theoretical;
  • Online Legal Aid includes articles designed to get you started when you first visit the site;
  • Opinion tends to be shorter pieces that are anecdotal;
  • Practical pieces are pragmatic ideas, techniques and models that you can apply;
  • Reading lists are collections of further reading and viewing drawn from within the site and beyond it.