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Chapter checklist

•Are all necessary chapter elements included?
•Is the chapter file named correctly?
•Is there a figure reference within the preceding text for every figure?
•Is there a figure number and caption for every figure?
•Is each and every figure in the chapter saved (per naming conventions) as its own separate file?
•Are the screenshots captured consistently at 1024 x 780 (or other if approved by DE) and in full color? If your resolution varies from 1024 x 780, contact your DE immediately.
•If your book is in black and white, have you converted your images to gray scale to make sure that the relevant elements are still visible in your screen shot?
•Have you submitted electronic files for each of your screen shots or pieces of line art? And if your screen shots have callouts, have you submitted both a clean copy and a callout copy to the DE?
•Have you run spell check?
•Have you double-checked all code for accuracy?
•Have you removed any and all tabs from code?
•Have you created/submitted any chapter-specific CD-ROM/Website material from the original CD-ROM/Website request list that was your responsibility?
•Have you appropriately cited any material that is not original?
•Have you received the appropriate permissions for any screenshots and Websites used within the chapter (or notified us if permission is still an issue)?