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Guidelines Proposals

If you have an idea for a new book or electronic product that falls into the arena we publish books, and would like to be contacted by an editor, please send your proposal or manuscript to us.

Your proposal should include the following information:

Title Information

Subject discipline
Tentative title (and subtitle, if any)
Author’s name
Position and affiliation
Mailing address
Work phone
If necessary, may we call you at home?
Home phone

Coauthor’s name
Position and affiliation
Mailing address
Work phone
If necessary, may we call you at home?
Home phone

Type of publication (book, electronic product, journal, etc.)

Product Information

Include a brief description of the publication and overall objective. Describe exactly what the publication will be about. What will there be about your selection, organization, or treatment of the subject that will make the readers buy the publication?

Market need:
Address why there is a need for the proposed publication. What has caused this information need? Have there been changes in the authoritative pronouncements or literature in this field to cause a need for the proposed publication? Is there a gap in the existing literature that needs to be filled?

Market Information
Primary market:
Indicate those audiences (e.g., academic/research, graduate students, professionals) that need this material. Be as specific as possible. If the book is aimed at the graduate-student level, indicate whether it is a primary or supplemental text.

Secondary market:
List those groups with an occasional need for this material.

Please list in order of importance the professional societies and organizations and professional or trade publications whose respective members or readers would be the most likely subscribers to the proposed publications.


Attach a table of contents showing the coverage you propose. Indicate chapters and subdivisions within chapters, as well as special materials to be included in the appendixes. If your proposed publication is a periodical, list a few sample article titles and columns or departments to be featured.

Frequency of Updates

If your proposed publication is a journal or other type of periodical, how frequently will it be issued?

Manuscript Information

How many manuscript pages (typewritten, letter-size, double-spaced) do you anticipate to fully cover your topic? How many pages will the appendixes be?

How many pages per issue?

Electronic product:
Please provide a description of platform and interface.

Please provide your best estimate for completing and delivering the final

Author Information
Primary authors:
Please provide your curriculum vitae.

Contributing authors:
If there will be authors preparing other portions of the publication, provide their names and a brief bio.

If available, please enclose a sample chapter. If you have published other articles and books, attach a list of those materials.


What publications compete with or are similar to the one you propose? What are their weaknesses and strengths? In what ways will your publication be superior? Provide as much data on competitive products as possible (publisher, date written, price, page length, etc.).

For experienced authors:

To pursue a project idea, send the following information to us: a curriculum vitae and a proposal covering the following: title; discussion of the topic or product; why the product is needed by the marketplace; intended primary market and secondary markets; typical user profile; sales handles (what problems does the product help solve; why is the information important); review of competitive works and how the suggested product differs; and, if available, a table of contents; partial or complete manuscript; review of author’s previous works.

Please mail proposals and manuscripts to us.

If you choose to submit a proposal through an agent and do not already have one, we suggest that you consult a publication like Literary Market Place that offers contact information for literary agents. Please be aware that we retains the right to publish a book, at any time, on any topic.