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FAQs for Publishers

FAQs for Publishers

I am a publisher—how can I make my books available on Online Legal?

You may start by sending us an email with the “New Publisher” subject, and well get in touch. The following information is important for us:

  • Brief overview of Publishing Program:
  • Number of ePubs in Catalogue:
  • Metadata Format: ONIX, CSV, Excel, XLS, Other

Do you pay publishers? How does that work?

We spent months speaking to authors, publishers, and agents to build a sustainable model that fairly compensates everyone involved for their creative work.

In order to deliver readers the best content, Online Legal has direct agreements with publishers and aggregators, to whom Online Legal regularly makes payments based on how often their books are read on Online Legal.

These companies then pay authors based on the specific agreements they have with their authors. While the terms of our deals are confidential, rest assured that its favorable for authors and content rights holders.

Are there particular types of books that are right for Online Legal?

Online Legal members enjoy access to a broad set of titles across most consumer genres. While we provide a highly curated and personalized experience, we are expansive in the types of books we make available. We treat each conversation with potential partners as unique.

As guidance, there are certain types of books that we are not actively focusing on right now including professional books, academic content, children’s picture books, comics, textbooks and periodicals.

I am a self-published author—how can I make my books available on Online Legal?

At this time, we do not work directly with authors. However, we have a partnership with Smashwords.

If you are an author who is working with Smashwords, we’d love to have your titles on Online Legal and we encourage you to reach out to them to ensure that is the case.

What file formats do you support?

Reflowable ePub for book files and JPEG images for covers.

How do you receive metadata?

We prefer to receive metadata via ONIX (2.1) feed. We also accept XLS and CSV files.

Do you have DRM?

It depends on the publishers. In some cases, we use a hard DRM system. We are happy to provide full documentation and details around this as needed.