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Creating a Playlist

Creating a Playlist
The playlist feature in Online Legal enables you to pull together content from anywhere in the site into a virtual collection, to which you can add a title, commentary, instructions or guidelines for the benefit of other users.

Playlists are tagged by the site software and so become findable to anyone searching the site for content.

Playlists can be tweeted or shared on linked in or you can share the unique url of your playlist by e-mail.

Playlists can include chapters, books, forum discussions, user articles, videos other content, as well as external links.

To start a playlist, simply click on the Add to Playlist button that you will find on all content pages. You can then give your playlist a title and create a commentary and grow the list by adding further, at any time.

Users may create multiple playlists, all of which will be listed under My Playlists on your profile page.