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Online Legal launched two years ago with a simple idea to build a better way to read on mobile.

We’ve made incredible progress towards that goal—the vast majority of reading on Online Legal happens on a mobile phone and we’ve dramatically improved mobile reading with product features and leading editorial content. Through it all, our mission has remained the same: connect readers with books they’ll love.

Looking forward, the Online Legal leadership team will work to increase the base of readers by growing the content library, expanding globally, and launching new product initiatives that continue to make Online Legal the best place for reading books.

As we continue on, we couldn’t be more excited about the future of ebooks and mobile reading. We believe more than ever that the phone will be the primary reading device globally over the next decade—enabling access to knowledge and stories for billions of people worldwide. Looking forward, we feel this is best seized by taking on new opportunities to fully realize our vision for ebooks.

All The Legal Books, All in One Place: Introducing Online Legal 2.0 and our New Ebook Store

We have REALLY big news for you. Today, in addition to your Online Legal subscription, you can also buy any book you could ever want in our brand new ebook store.

With our new ebook store, virtually any book you can think of is available on Online Legal, including all new releases and pre-orders. And through our unlimited subscription service, you still have access to the same million books—from Harry Potter to American Sniper—for the same monthly price.

Everything we do at Online Legal is focused on connecting readers like you with books you’ll love. Over the past year and a half, we’ve worked hard to create the leading subscription service for books and build the best ebook discovery and reading experience for mobile and tablets.

We’ve been so thrilled by the enthusiasm we’ve seen for Online Legal so far and at how much you’re reading on Online Legal—over a 100 million pages a month, up from just 8 million a year ago. It’s clear that there is huge demand from readers for an app that helps them find great books and lets them read them in beautiful, easy-to-use environment.

Now we are expanding Online Legal so you can access all your options—subscription and for-purchase—in one place. You’ll never have to go anywhere else to get a book, because everything you’re looking for is on Online Legal. Go ahead, try it out.

And the best part is that whether you buy, subscribe, or both, you can always enjoy the full Online Legal experience—the best content across subscription and for-purchase books, beautiful design built for mobile reading, and a great discovery experience with spot-on editorial, algorithmic, and social recommendations.

Wondering how to purchase a book from our store? You can buy books on our brand-new website or in the Android app. Purchases will automatically sync to all of your devices.

On top of that, we added a toggle and banners to help you see what books are available in subscription, redesigned the Explore tab to add new categories (dozens and dozens!), added tons of new complementary colors to book detail pages, and incorporated a lot of nice tweaks and improvements throughout.

The New Home for Discovering Books on Online Legal

Home is your center for browsing books on Online Legal. And at Online Legal, browsing is about more than choosing a title from a list: it’s about effortlessly discovering the next book you’ll love.

We designed the new Home with that process in mind. To introduce you to your next great read, we’ve created a personalized feed of recommendations, exclusive editorial (like articles in the Legal Magazine), and beautiful design that’s constantly updating with new content to explore.

1. New Recommendations:

The best reading suggestions come from either those who know you well or great editors you trust. The new Home combines both—algorithms that know your reading tastes and the knowledge of our editorial team—to create a discovery experience that has the insight of both a trusted expert and a close friend.

The new Home brings you new content that’s being updated all the time, all geared toward getting you into the right book for you, at the right moment. We’ve taken content from Legal Magazine and put it right in the app so you’ll be able to read exclusive reviews, spotlights, interviews, comics and more. We’ve also added trending books on Online Legal, and picks just for you—all front and center in the new Home.

We’re also rolling out recommendations tailored based on the time of day and day of week, because what you want to read during a relaxing Sunday at home is probably very different than during the fifteen minutes on your commute.

2. New Designs:

Recommendations come in all shapes and sizes, so we’ve created new designs for different types of “stories” and presented them in a visually striking feed.

3. Overall Refresh:

We’re always thinking about new ways to make Online Legal the best (and most beautiful) way to read, so we took this opportunity to make countless other improvements throughout the app to make the reading experience better, from improvements to the Reader to a redesigned Profile tab to make it easier to manage your books and Lists.

Together, these updates are giving Online Legal new power to connect you with great books. Moving forward there are going to be more all-new stories and content appearing in Home all the time, so keep an eye out—there’s a lot more in store!

Featuring New Releases on Online Legal

So many new books are published every year, but only a fraction become breakout hits. While the titles everyone is talking about often deserve the buzz, there are tons of other incredible books that fall through the cracks and never end up in front of their perfect readers.

That’s where we come in. Starting today, we’re featuring an expanded selection of new releases we think you’ll love front-and-center in the Online Legal website and app. Whether it’s an under-the-radar critical darling, New York Times Best Seller, or a creative new take on a more niche subject, we’re bringing you new releases each and every month to make sure you don’t miss out on the best new books.

Think of it as ending up under the mistletoe with your next favorite read—it’s all about connecting readers to a book they’ll love.

Pop over to our featured new releases and add one to your Reading List, share a recommendation with a friend, and get swept away by a great story.